Special issue On Dynamics, Control , and Applications to Engineering and Life Science IV


Special issue  On Dynamics, Control , and Applications to Engineering and Life Science IV

Dynamics deals with phenomena that varies over time. Dynamical systems are found in many areas of science, ranging from Engineering to Life Sciences. These systems can, in a great variety of cases, be described by Difference Equations or (Ordinary or Partial) Differential Equations. Analytical and numerical methods are essential tools in the analysis of dynamical systems. Application is understood to include modeling, simulation of realistic systems, and corroboration of theory with emphasis on demonstrated practicality. In recent years, a great deal of meetings has been devoted to paper presentations that mix scientists from different fields. They include the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Biology, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering , Aeronautic and Aerospace and Economics, among others. In This way, researchers from one field can benefit the knowledge of researchers of other fields and vice-versa. This stimulates the growth of Multidisciplinary research in the field of dynamical systems. We invite authors to attend the  Conference on Dynamics, Control and Applications to Applied Engineering and Life Science IV,  to be held on Federal University of Technology – Paran’a (UTFPR), campus Ponta Grossa, in period  of November 5- 11 , 2023 the , to contribute original research articles for a presentation during the Workshop on Dynamics, Control and Applications to Applied Engineering and Life Science IV  in the following potential topics that include( but not limited to:

  • Instrumentation, dynamics, control, and optimization applied to mechanical,  Civil, Aerospace , aeronautical,  electrical, and mechatronic systems.
  • Energy harvesting and electronic processing of electricity from renewable sources or the energy available in the commercial distribution network;
  • Fractional order modeling of physical, chemical, or biological systems applied in energy production and/or energy harvesting.
  • Development of processes, modeling and simulation of processes applied to engineering. Process control.Productive systems. Industry 4.0 and 5.0
  • Application of dynamical systems and control from Engineering to Life Sciences.
  • Dynamics analysis, synchronization and control applied in Chaotic systems. Dynamical integrity. Optimal, Robust and Adaptive control. Polynomial Chaos for sensitivity analysis. Metamaterials and their Control.
  • Nonlinear Normal Modes. Energy transfer between oscillators.
  • Chemical process applied in energy generation, conversion, and storage.
  • Multi-scale and multi-physics phenomena fluid-structure interaction.
  • Vehicle systems and subsystems (powertrains, ABS systems, active and semi-active suspension, intelligent rollover warning systems, active yaw control systems, emission control, vehicle drivability, intelligent transportation systems, and advanced propulsion control systems.
  • Modal analysis and identification; cracked rotors; rotor/stator impact and rubbing; monitoring, diagnostics and related signal processing and computational techniques.
  • Design, analysis, and synthesis of mechanisms and robots. Robots whose applications are in the fields of rehabilitation, soft, and medical robotics, prostheses, and exoskeletons.
  • MEMS Sensors and Actuators. Biomedical Devices.
  • Heat Transfer and Thermal Engineering.

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