Effects of asymmetrical damping ratio and damper inclination on vertical dynamics of a suspension system

  • Julio Cesar de Moraes Fernandes São Paulo State University - UNESP
  • Marcos Silveira São Paulo State University - UNESP
  • Bento Rodrigues Pontes Jr São Paulo State University - UNESP
  • José Manoel Balthazar São Paulo State University - UNESP
Keywords: vehicle dynamics, asymmetrical damper, harmonic excitation, geometric nonlinearities


The objective of this work is to study the dynamical behavior of vehicle suspension systems employing asymmetrical viscous damping considering geometric nonlinearities which are present in the system, with a focus on improving passenger comfort. Previous studies have shown that the use of asymmetrical dampers can be advantageous with regard to vehicle handling and passenger comfort. The behavior of a two-degree-of-freedom quarter-car model with asymmetrical viscous damping is presented. Geometric nonlinearities due to suspension kinematics are taken into account in the damping force and spring forces. The road profile is introduced through harmonic excitation. Results from the numerical simulations show that the choice of the asymmetry ratio diminishes the effects that the uneven road causes on the vertical displacement and acceleration of the sprung mass. This decrease improves the comfort for the passengers.