Fractional order model for malaria-cholera co-infection

  • Nita H Shah Gujarat University
  • Nisha Sheoran Department of Mathematics, Gujarat University
  • Ekta Jayswal


Cholera also known as blue death is highly contagious bacterial disease whereas malaria is not contagious and is caused by malaria parasites. Cholera and malaria both are communicable disease. In this paper we formulate a fractional order model of malaria-cholera co-infection using definition of Caputo fractional derivative with  as the order of derivative in the interval (0,1]. The co-infection is said to have four equilibrium points. Fractional order model is also constructed for two of its sub models malaria only and cholera only. Fractional order model is proved to give better results according to literature survey. Basic reproduction number for the malaria only and cholera only model is computed. Local and global stability analysis is also studied for both the sub models. Numerical simulation is carried out to show stability of the model.

Author Biographies

Nisha Sheoran, Department of Mathematics, Gujarat University

Nisha is research scholar in department of mathematics, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, India. Her research interest is mathematical modeling of dynamical systems. She has published two papers.

Ekta Jayswal

Ekta Jayswal is a research scholar in department of Mathematcis, Gujarat University, Ahmedabd, India.

She is working in dynamical system of pollutions. She has 8 publications.