Preface: Mathematical Analysis, numerical methods and its applications in engineering, economics, biological sciences and other fields

  • Izhar Uddin Department of Mathematics, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India.
  • Q. M. Danish Lohani Department of Mathematics, South Asian University, New Delhi, India.


Mathematical analysis, in the broad sense of the term, includes a very large part of mathematics. It includes differential calculus; integral calculus; the theory of functions of a real variable; the theory of functions of a complex variable; approximation theory; the theory of ordinary differential equations; the theory of partial differential equations; the theory of integral equations; differential geometry; variational calculus; functional analysis; harmonic analysis; and certain other mathematical disciplines. Modern number theory and probability theory use and develop methods of mathematical analysis. It has variety of applications in engineering, economics, biological sciences and other fields. In this connections, International Conference on Mathematical Analysis and its Applications was organzied by South Asian Univeristy New Delhi during 14-16 December, 2019. The main objective of this conference is to bring together senior and young researchers working in the area of Mathematical Analysis and allied areas to exchange new ideas and to discuss current challenging issues. During the conference an eminent mathematician Prof. M. Mursaleen will be felicitated for his deep contribution in the domain of Mathematical Analysis. Dr. Q. M Danish Lohani was convener of the conference and Dr Izhar Uddin was the one of the active local organisers. The special issue includes reviewed and research articles in the broad field of mathematical analysis having relevance or applications in engineering and applied sciences. There are 13 papers in this issue and others are invited papers .