On the Ciliary Transport of an Axisymmetric Power Law Fluid through a tube

  • T. Haroon
  • Ali R. Ansari Gulf University for Science & Technology
  • A. Imran
  • A.M. Siddiqui
Keywords: Ciliary motion, Power Law fluid, Axisymmetric channel, Unsteady flow


We consider a mathematical model representing the propulsion of cilia induced unsteady flow. The characteristics of a ciliary organism are discussed for a two dimensional axisymmetric tube of infinite length with ciliated walls using the power law fluid model where viscous effects are dominating. The wall of the tube is ciliated and flow is due to the ciliary motion. A system of equations with non-homogeneous boundary conditions on a wavy boundary are obtained. Axial, radial and resultant velocities are obtained using the long wavelength approximation. Pressure rise per wavelength and volume flow rate are also calculated. The influence of different parameters on the velocity components are discussed graphically. We observe that the power law fluid model gives realistic results.

Author Biography

Ali R. Ansari, Gulf University for Science & Technology

Dr Ali R Ansari


College of Arts & Sciences

Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics