Hydromagnetic partial slip flow, heat and mass transfer of a viscoelastic third grade fluid embedded in a porous medium

  • B.I. Olajuwon
  • I.G. Baoku


A mathematical model is analyzed to study the hydromagnetic flow, heat and mass transfer of a viscoelastic third grade fliud with partial slip past an infinite constant surface temperature
porous plate embedded in a porous medium. The governing partial differential equations are transformed into a set of highly coupled ordinary differential equations, which are solved by using midpoint integration scheme along with Richardson’s extrapolation. The influence of flow parameters
such as slip, magnetic interaction parameter Mn, permeability parameter r, non-Newtonian fluid characteristics K and other thermophysical parameters on the dimensionless velocity, temperature and concentration profiles are examined carefully and shown graphically. Numerical results including the
development of wall shear stress, local rates of heat as well as mass transfer for pertinent parameters across the boundary layer are investigated and displayed in tabular form. It is revealed that the fluid becomes more shear thickening as the value of the velocity, thermal and concentration boundary
layers decrease; the velocity and thermal boundary layer decrease with an increase in the slip; and the influence of increasing Schmidt number Sc is to accelerate the fluid velocity and decrease the concentration boundary layer thickness of the flow field.