On approximation of signals in Lip(α,r)-class using the product (N, pn,qn)(E,s)- summability means of conjugate Fourier series

On approximation of signals in $Lip(\alpha,r)$-class...

  • P. Parida
  • S. K. Paikray
  • Hemen Dutta Gauhati University


Estimation of Errors by approximating signals (functions) of different classes has been considered by various researchers under different summability means. In the present paper, presumably, a new theorem has been established under $(\overline{N},p_{n},q_{n})(E,s)$-product summability mean of conjugate Fourier series  of a function of $Lip(\alpha,r)$-class. Moreover, the result obtained here is a generalization of several known theorems.