Mathematical Modelling of Parkinsonian Tremor

  • Michele S. Titcombe
  • Roderick Edwards
  • Anne Beuter


Parkinson's disease is a complex disorder for which there is no known cure. Nor do we understand fully the origin of one of the disease's cardinal symptoms: tremor. A non-traditional approach to research in Parkinson's disease and in Parkinsonian tremor involves the application of mathematical models. The purpose of this article is to review briefly the contributions of mathematical models to the study of Parkinsonian tremor. There is little evidence that modelling attempts have built on previous ones but there has been a trend to move the focus of modelling from the periphery to the brain, and from abstracted to more physiologically detailed views. We hope that this review will encourage more mathematical modelling in the study of Parkinson's disease and Parkinsonian tremor.