2-Out-of-3: F System analysis under catastrophic failure

  • Vaishali Tyagi
  • Ritu Arora
  • Mangey Ram
  • Om Prakash Yadav


This paper discusses the performance measures of a standby complex system comprised of two subsystems namely A and B, which are connected in a series configuration. Subsystem A is working under 2-out -of -3: F configuration and Subsystem B has a standby redundancy. The system fails completely if any two components of subsystem A has been failed. Further, system also failed due to human error and catastrophic failure. After failing of subsystem B, standby unit of B takes place and still the system is in operational mode with the same efficiency. It is considered that only failed states have been repaired. The system is not repaired in case of catastrophic failure. Supplementary variable technique, Laplace transformation and Markov process have been utilized to solve the mathematical model of the system. Different reliability characteristics like availability, reliability, MTTF, cost analysis and sensitivity have been derived.