Recent trends in operation modal analysis techniques and its application on a steel truss bridge

  • Harpal Singh
  • Niklas Grip


Aging of infrastructure causes many problems with great consequences, essentially economical. Operation modal analysis (OMA) is one of the most crucial techniques used for dynamic analysis of civil engineering structures (e.g. bridges, dams or tunnels). OMA uses various time and frequency domain methods to obtain the modal parameters. The analysis of OMA techniques can be used to detect, locate and quantify the damage in a structure. The major challenge for damage detection using OMA is the analysis of a large amount of noisy data collected from sensors. New signal processing techniques and artificial intelligence can play an important role in future research in the area. In this article, we present and discuss recent developments in OMA techniques and also give a concrete example on a steel truss bridge, where the most popular OMA techniques have been implemented and applied.